Prop Hire

Bridal Table
Your bridal table design can be simple or as extravagant as you wish, but most of all it should reflect the venue and your wedding style. Anything from a floral hedge with cascading flowers, or styled grouped vases with accent candles.

Guest Tables
Guest tables can be floral centrepiece in all shapes and forms, floral runners, floral table garlands, floral letters, Tall centrepieces with cascading flowers, or a beautiful grouping of candles in decorative glass accented by pops of coloured flower heads.

Floral Suspension
Hanging from above your dance floor, bridal table or over your guest tables, we can coordinate hanging flowers, foliage and candles to be suspended delicately to create a romantic garden canopy.

Anything can be created for your wedding day, most important is to be opened minded and trust your stylist to create your masterpiece.